Pregnancy and skincare 

So recently I have been seeing A LOT of pregnant beauties at JOS. Some people have been experiencing changes in the skin such as dehydration and others just want a little treat.

I thought a post about skincare and pregnancy was a good one for this week to answer a few questions for expectant moms.

Most active products are very safe to use. The only one you must avoid is RETINOL (Vitamin A). Most other products can be used but if ever in doubt consult with a skin care specialist, especially if using cosmeceutical products. 

Many ladies will experience the glow while others may feel dry and dehydrated. Don’t forget your body is working hard so you may experience some changes. You may need to alter your regular routine slightly to compensate these changes but this may be as simple as adding in a serum or using some exfoliation. Skin can sometimes become more sensitive during pregnancy, dull and tired looking or even breakout due to hormones. 

Things to consider for itchy, sensitive or dull skin would be to mix an exfoliator with a cleanser. This will make it less intense but still being effective. An enzyme based exfoliator will also be great. If you are suffering from breakouts and you usually don’t, it may be a case of changing your cleanser to ensure it is getting rid of any extra oil and ensuring your moisturiser is light or oil free. 

The final complaint with some moms to be is an increase in pigmentation or melasma, often called the mask of pregnancy. If this happens don’t panic. It often fades and can be hormonal. To help prevent this, vitamin C is important along with a sunscreen everyday. After giving birth and post breast feeding if you are doing it,  products can be used to help clear any remaining pigment. 


Not everyone needs to adjust their routine but if you are noticing changes, ask an expert in the area. And remember to take some time out for yourself 😘
Jessie X 


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