Mac foundation review

I recently put a few options on snap chat of some blog posts that you guys may be interested in me doing and product reviews was top of the list.

I have been going through a few foundations lately and I’ve not been too crazy about any of them so I am going to go back to some classics and what I use in my kit when I do make up for clients.

My two staples are from MAC (surprise surprise)

I use studio fix and face and body.

MAC studio fix:

This is my go to foundation for everyone. It’s my favourite and I nearly get nervous now using something different. It never fails. It’s my make up of choice always for bridal or occasion make up

Long lasting
Great for all skin types
Medium to heavy coverage
Great for events and nights out
Huge colour selection

It can sometimes be heavy for very dry skin types. I am dry and it works fine but if I feel it is going to be too thick and heavy I add a touch of liquid highlighter or a light weight moisturiser.

Don’t go too strong around the eyes either as it can settle in fine lines and wrinkles

MAC face and body:

This was the one product I was told to always have in my kit. I stocked up with a few shades delighted with myself. Every make up artist I had in training said this was THE foundation you had to have. But guess what?
I don’t get it guys. I rarely use it. It’s sheer and beautiful and light and should glide on to make skin look flawless but I can’t get it to work all the time. I have read other people say the same and have picked up some tips along the way.

Very fluid and a little goes a long way
Lots of colour selection
Great for older skin types
Great for people who don’t wear lots of make up

You need to layer it for more coverage
It’s not good for oily skins or else you need a good powder

I wore it once to the races and half way through the day it was all gone. I have worn it plenty of times since and no issues but I still prefer studio fix. The best tip I read from another blogger was to mix this in the palm of the hands. It applies so much better when warmed up and nearly gets tacky. So now if I use it on clients I get handsy and apply with hands and fingers and use a brush or sponge towards the end.

Mac have a huge selection of foundations but the studio fix will be my all time favourite.

Let me know if you have a favourite

Jessie X


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