Fresh summer essentials

Dare we say it but I think summer is here! Hurrah. I’ve decided to put together a few simple products that I think are essential for the summer months.

Moisturiser with sunscreen:


Absolutely essential! We should be wearing a sunscreen everyday even in winter for it is vital this time of year. Please don’t forget to apply on the chest area too as this is a prime location for sunburn and then before you know it, lovely pigmentation appears! My personal favourite is asap moisture daily defence. I have used this for a few years and it’s my go too. Sun screen is a tricky one and what suits one won’t suit the other, so please let me know if you have a favourite as I would love to try a few more

A soft blusher:


I think a soft blusher on sun kissed skin looks amazing and a soft coral or peach is a beautiful shade for summer. Some personal favourite brands at the minute are Note cosmetics and Catrice. The price point is super and the colour payoff is excellent

A good bronzer:


Keeping make up light with bronzer is a winner for summer. An all time favourite is Hoola bronzer from Benefit and they have just released a Hoola lite! I have yet to try this but would be perfect for paler skin types.



We all love a bit of lippie but sometime a fresh lip with a slick of gloss is all you need. There is something very refreshing about this look. There are so many affordable brands that have great glosses. I always have a Primark one on the go and the Note Bb natural colour lip corrector has also become a favourite

So there you have it. Some simple ways to have a fresh face for the summer weather, however long it may last.

Jessie X


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