Cocoa brown EXTRA dark

So let’s talk about cocoa brown EXTRA dark tan.
It’s no secret that this brand has been a long time favourite of mine and when it came to picking a brand for the salon I didn’t think twice.

I always wear the dark one hour mousse tan and when the extra dark came on to the market I was excited to try…. And it hasn’t disappointed.


I was afraid it was going to be too much but it really isn’t. I normally put on two layers of the dark. With the extra dark there is no need.

I am used to having a natural tan after living in Sydney. I will have moved home a year ago in a few weeks and to say I am white is an understatement. I tan easily so felt like the Extra dark gave me a nice deep shade, without being too much.

Who would I recommend to try?
Anyone that has used the mousse and wants a deeper look. If you are very fair stick to the normal mousse or the dark but if you are sallow or olive, head straight to the dark.

Be careful along the boney areas, especially the hands and fingers. I found it stuck here a bit more then the others for the first day. I always get clients to apply chocolate whip on the palms of the hand and between the fingers to act as a barrier. This is a handy product to have also to use post treatment. It helps prolong the tan and also helps it to wears it off more evenly. Act quick with the hands to avoid any excess and there should be no issues.

My verdict: 5/5
This will be my shade for the next few months.

I am on day three now and it is lasting really well. (Please note My pictures have not shown the true colour of the tan very well so I didn’t include them. My phone has been acting up a bit recently but you can take my word for it👍)


Have any of you tried yet?

Jessie X


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