Beauty hacks

There are some tricks we all pick up along the way when it comes to make up application and skin care. Today I am sharing some of my favourites.

1- I find beauty blenders amazing for putting on make up. I usually apply foundation with a brush and then dab over with a damp blender to press in the foundation. This gives the best finish and the product is pushed into the skin, lasting longer.


2 – If you want your lipstick to last longer, pop a piece of tissue over the lips. Next, dip a powder brush into some translucent loose powder and apply over the tissue. Apply a second coat of lipstick and repeat. Works every time

3 – If you get mascara on your face let it dry for a few minutes. Get a cotton tip and wipe it off. This is so much easier than trying to remove wet mascara.


4 – Smudged nail varnish? No problem! If you bang a fresh nail and it’s not too big a mess, simply wet the tip of a finger with your tongue and gentle wipe over the smudge. Sounds gross I know but it works.


5 – If your foundation is too thick and you want to a sheer finish simply mix some moisturiser with it.

6 – Don’t rub your eye cream directly under your eyes. This is a sensitive area and too much product can irritate. Press on the orbital bone instead and the product will absorb upwards.

7 – Fake tan not budging? Some tans can be stubborn and it’s horrible going around with patchy tan. If regular moisturisers don’t help move onto oil. This will help strip the tan off.

8 – Unruly brows a problem? You know the ones that are long and wild! Get a spooly brush and brush the brows down. Whatever hairs are long give them a quick snip with a nail scissors. If you are nervous about this, leave it to your brow specialist!

So there you have it. I would love to hear if you have any beauty hacks.

Jessie X


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