Beauty hacks

There are some tricks we all pick up along the way when it comes to make up application and skin care. Today I am sharing some of my favourites.

1- I find beauty blenders amazing for putting on make up. I usually apply foundation with a brush and then dab over with a damp blender to press in the foundation. This gives the best finish and the product is pushed into the skin, lasting longer.


2 – If you want your lipstick to last longer, pop a piece of tissue over the lips. Next, dip a powder brush into some translucent loose powder and apply over the tissue. Apply a second coat of lipstick and repeat. Works every time

3 – If you get mascara on your face let it dry for a few minutes. Get a cotton tip and wipe it off. This is so much easier than trying to remove wet mascara.


4 – Smudged nail varnish? No problem! If you bang a fresh nail and it’s not too big a mess, simply wet the tip of a finger with your tongue and gentle wipe over the smudge. Sounds gross I know but it works.


5 – If your foundation is too thick and you want to a sheer finish simply mix some moisturiser with it.

6 – Don’t rub your eye cream directly under your eyes. This is a sensitive area and too much product can irritate. Press on the orbital bone instead and the product will absorb upwards.

7 – Fake tan not budging? Some tans can be stubborn and it’s horrible going around with patchy tan. If regular moisturisers don’t help move onto oil. This will help strip the tan off.

8 – Unruly brows a problem? You know the ones that are long and wild! Get a spooly brush and brush the brows down. Whatever hairs are long give them a quick snip with a nail scissors. If you are nervous about this, leave it to your brow specialist!

So there you have it. I would love to hear if you have any beauty hacks.

Jessie X


Fresh summer essentials

Dare we say it but I think summer is here! Hurrah. I’ve decided to put together a few simple products that I think are essential for the summer months.

Moisturiser with sunscreen:


Absolutely essential! We should be wearing a sunscreen everyday even in winter for it is vital this time of year. Please don’t forget to apply on the chest area too as this is a prime location for sunburn and then before you know it, lovely pigmentation appears! My personal favourite is asap moisture daily defence. I have used this for a few years and it’s my go too. Sun screen is a tricky one and what suits one won’t suit the other, so please let me know if you have a favourite as I would love to try a few more

A soft blusher:


I think a soft blusher on sun kissed skin looks amazing and a soft coral or peach is a beautiful shade for summer. Some personal favourite brands at the minute are Note cosmetics and Catrice. The price point is super and the colour payoff is excellent

A good bronzer:


Keeping make up light with bronzer is a winner for summer. An all time favourite is Hoola bronzer from Benefit and they have just released a Hoola lite! I have yet to try this but would be perfect for paler skin types.



We all love a bit of lippie but sometime a fresh lip with a slick of gloss is all you need. There is something very refreshing about this look. There are so many affordable brands that have great glosses. I always have a Primark one on the go and the Note Bb natural colour lip corrector has also become a favourite

So there you have it. Some simple ways to have a fresh face for the summer weather, however long it may last.

Jessie X

Stila review- magnificent metals foil finish eyeshadow

Hey guys,

Today I am doing a quick review on a product I have had in my kit for ages. I picked this up some months back and have only used it on myself and a handful of people.


With us all raving about the new stila glitters I thought it would be good to do a review on their past product.

The idea behind this is to create a heavy metal look and there are 12 shades to choose from. I went with a navy blue and would probably go with some copper shades in the future. It comes with a little dish and liquid eye primer. You simple mix a drop of primer and eyeshadow together in the dish and pop on the eye with your finer or a brush. You can layer for a more dramatic look.

This can get messy if not careful so I would apply before foundation. It also acts as a funky liner under the eye for a real edgy look. It takes a little bit of time to dry so be patient but the colour pay off is something else. Here is a link to the stila website and video of how to use

I’m giving this 4/5 only because it takes time to get used to.

This retails at around €40. I would recommend getting a neutral shade such as gold or copper to start with. You will get more wear out of it and buy the darker shades if you want more drama.

Jessie X

Make up artists I am loving

Today I am doing a quick round-up of some of my favourite make artists.

Some I have been following for a long time and others are more recent. Instagram is my main social media platform for checking these guys out and I often check in on their websites or YouTube channels.

Let me know if you follow and love any as much as I do.

Wayne Goss:
I’ve done a post like this before and Wayne is always top of the list. I love him. He is honest, engaging, informative and a truly amazing make up artist. There is no more to say. Check him out.


Ciara Allen:
I have been following Ciara for a good while now on Instagram. She’s a breath of fresh air. Again a fabulous artist with beautiful looks. She has a brill attitude and seems really sound. She also has a love for hoop earrings like myself. The final thing I will add is that if you follow her insta stories she seems very supportive to people in the industry.


Jeanette Cronin:
I started watching Jeanette’s Youtube videos a year ago and she’s so good. She is talented and pretty amazing when it comes to full on glamour make up looks. She has just opened her own make up studio in cork and I can only imagine it to be all types of fabulous. I’ve booked in to do some one to one training with her in June to perfect some glam looks and I cannot wait.


Sharon Farrell:
Sharon has been one of my absolute favourites for a long time now and has been on my list of artists before. She’s an Irish make up artist living in Sydney and again seems like a seriously lovely person. Her make up looks are gorgeous. She give very honest reviews and her videos are a lot of fun.


Jessie X

Fav looks from Met gala

The met gala happened last night and it is always a time we get to see some quirky styles and great make up looks. This year was no different even though I thought lots of people played it safe.

Here are some of my favourite looks. All images are from Vouge.




The next few are again some of my favourite dresses but also make up looks. Bright make up made a come back. I loved Selena Gomez pink eyes.



You can’t beat a classic nude look either or smokey eye like Naomi Campbell’s.



Who were your winners on the night ?

Jessie X

Make up inspo

Hey guys,

Another bank holiday this weekend. Hurrah.

I’ve put together some make up inspo looks for the weekend that is in it.

These are also looks that you may decide to try if you have an upcoming event or wedding.

The first few looks are soft and fresh for people that do not like a heavy makeup. The others are for glitter lovers.

All images are from Pinterest.


Jessie X






Mac foundation review

I recently put a few options on snap chat of some blog posts that you guys may be interested in me doing and product reviews was top of the list.

I have been going through a few foundations lately and I’ve not been too crazy about any of them so I am going to go back to some classics and what I use in my kit when I do make up for clients.

My two staples are from MAC (surprise surprise)

I use studio fix and face and body.

MAC studio fix:

This is my go to foundation for everyone. It’s my favourite and I nearly get nervous now using something different. It never fails. It’s my make up of choice always for bridal or occasion make up

Long lasting
Great for all skin types
Medium to heavy coverage
Great for events and nights out
Huge colour selection

It can sometimes be heavy for very dry skin types. I am dry and it works fine but if I feel it is going to be too thick and heavy I add a touch of liquid highlighter or a light weight moisturiser.

Don’t go too strong around the eyes either as it can settle in fine lines and wrinkles

MAC face and body:

This was the one product I was told to always have in my kit. I stocked up with a few shades delighted with myself. Every make up artist I had in training said this was THE foundation you had to have. But guess what?
I don’t get it guys. I rarely use it. It’s sheer and beautiful and light and should glide on to make skin look flawless but I can’t get it to work all the time. I have read other people say the same and have picked up some tips along the way.

Very fluid and a little goes a long way
Lots of colour selection
Great for older skin types
Great for people who don’t wear lots of make up

You need to layer it for more coverage
It’s not good for oily skins or else you need a good powder

I wore it once to the races and half way through the day it was all gone. I have worn it plenty of times since and no issues but I still prefer studio fix. The best tip I read from another blogger was to mix this in the palm of the hands. It applies so much better when warmed up and nearly gets tacky. So now if I use it on clients I get handsy and apply with hands and fingers and use a brush or sponge towards the end.

Mac have a huge selection of foundations but the studio fix will be my all time favourite.

Let me know if you have a favourite

Jessie X

Fakin a glow 

Today I’m showing you some products I use to get me out of a fix when I need to look human but I don’t have time.The past three weeks have been full on getting the new salon ready and my skin and appearance have been a bit blah! 
Here are a few things I use when I need to fake a bright eye look.
1. A good tan:

I love all of the cocoa brown range and will use the instant tan bronzing gel if I haven’t time to let a tan develop. We all feel better with a glow and this has saved me recently. 

2. A good scrub/ exfoliator:

If the skin is lacking lustre it may need an exfoliation. Massaging it in too will get the blood flowing and bring some colour to the cheeks. My favourite will never change and it’s asap daily exfoliating facial scrub.

3. A good strobe cream:

When I’m looking very tired I like to put a strobe cream under my foundation or mix it with my moisturiser. I love Mac strobe cream and use a dab in the inner corners of the eye and as a highlight over foundation too.

4. A light weight foundation:

It’s difficult to not go full coverage when feeling tired but this can often make you look worse. You want something light that will reflect and make the skin look fresh. I often opt for a tinted moisturiser or Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation 

5. A good bronzer:

A touch of bronzer on the face will add some freshness. My favourite is hoola from benefit again. Use this as an eyeshadow also in the socket of the eye.

6. A curling mascara:

A bit of mascara will open the eyes and always makes you feel better. I love anything by Maybelline, Rimmell and L’Oreal.

8. A good lipgloss:

A gloss will reflect and not be as drying on the lips as a lipstick. This will give a brighter look. I never have a favourite buy I have been partial to using the Note cosmetic BB lip corrector as a gloss the past few weeks. It’s awesome.

9. A good concealer:

I nearly forgot this! Only use concealer to help soften dark circles or cover any blemishes. If you don’t need one, skip this step.

10. A powder / or setting spray:

If you are feeling tired and are trying to create a luminous skin I would stick with a finishing spray. My personal favourite is all nighter by Urban Decay. If you are oily and need more coverage put a powder on first .

This should be a quick 5 minute application to make you feel human again!

Jessie X