Stila review- magnificent metals foil finish eyeshadow

Hey guys,

Today I am doing a quick review on a product I have had in my kit for ages. I picked this up some months back and have only used it on myself and a handful of people.


With us all raving about the new stila glitters I thought it would be good to do a review on their past product.

The idea behind this is to create a heavy metal look and there are 12 shades to choose from. I went with a navy blue and would probably go with some copper shades in the future. It comes with a little dish and liquid eye primer. You simple mix a drop of primer and eyeshadow together in the dish and pop on the eye with your finer or a brush. You can layer for a more dramatic look.

This can get messy if not careful so I would apply before foundation. It also acts as a funky liner under the eye for a real edgy look. It takes a little bit of time to dry so be patient but the colour pay off is something else. Here is a link to the stila website and video of how to use

I’m giving this 4/5 only because it takes time to get used to.

This retails at around €40. I would recommend getting a neutral shade such as gold or copper to start with. You will get more wear out of it and buy the darker shades if you want more drama.

Jessie X


Mac foundation review

I recently put a few options on snap chat of some blog posts that you guys may be interested in me doing and product reviews was top of the list.

I have been going through a few foundations lately and I’ve not been too crazy about any of them so I am going to go back to some classics and what I use in my kit when I do make up for clients.

My two staples are from MAC (surprise surprise)

I use studio fix and face and body.

MAC studio fix:

This is my go to foundation for everyone. It’s my favourite and I nearly get nervous now using something different. It never fails. It’s my make up of choice always for bridal or occasion make up

Long lasting
Great for all skin types
Medium to heavy coverage
Great for events and nights out
Huge colour selection

It can sometimes be heavy for very dry skin types. I am dry and it works fine but if I feel it is going to be too thick and heavy I add a touch of liquid highlighter or a light weight moisturiser.

Don’t go too strong around the eyes either as it can settle in fine lines and wrinkles

MAC face and body:

This was the one product I was told to always have in my kit. I stocked up with a few shades delighted with myself. Every make up artist I had in training said this was THE foundation you had to have. But guess what?
I don’t get it guys. I rarely use it. It’s sheer and beautiful and light and should glide on to make skin look flawless but I can’t get it to work all the time. I have read other people say the same and have picked up some tips along the way.

Very fluid and a little goes a long way
Lots of colour selection
Great for older skin types
Great for people who don’t wear lots of make up

You need to layer it for more coverage
It’s not good for oily skins or else you need a good powder

I wore it once to the races and half way through the day it was all gone. I have worn it plenty of times since and no issues but I still prefer studio fix. The best tip I read from another blogger was to mix this in the palm of the hands. It applies so much better when warmed up and nearly gets tacky. So now if I use it on clients I get handsy and apply with hands and fingers and use a brush or sponge towards the end.

Mac have a huge selection of foundations but the studio fix will be my all time favourite.

Let me know if you have a favourite

Jessie X

2016 favourites round up

My last post for 2016 will be a list of some of my favourite finds over the last 12 months. These are the items I have gone back to and repurchased throughout the year. 

MAC strobe cream:

I often apply it as part of my make up routine. Put this over make up on the cheekbones and high points for some highlight or use under foundation for a natural glow.

Primark Matte lipstick in nude:
I have been using the nude shade for 5 months and it is always in my handbag. I am so impressed with the whole PS range.

MAC Neutral palette: 

This may have been on last years list too! It’s very very handy to have and a must if you are a make up artist. The colours complement each other and has a beautiful selection of coppers, browns, pinks and neutrals. The price point is pretty awesome too. 

Maybelline Master precise liquid liner:

This takes the stress out of liner for me. It is easy to use and smudge proof. This has been repurchased a lot theoughout the year!

Violet Voss champagne kisses glitter:

This is my go to glitter if I want to add a bit of glam to a look. It’s subtle and the glitter is small so not too over the top.

Ardell Demi Wispies:
I used to shy away from false lashes until I tried these. I love the fluttery appearance they give and so easy to apply. 

MAC Studio Fix powder:


I don’t know what I did before this. It’s so handy on a night out to pop in your handbag and make up does not move with this on.

Urban Decay All nighters setting spray:
It’s very simple. Everyone needs this! It works and it’s amazing. Spray after makeup application and you are sorted. I love the smaller size that available also.

Essence bronzer/ contouring set:

I was gifted this during the year and for a drug store bronzer it really is lovely. It’s what I use everyday and perfect as an eyeshadow too. 

Fuschia eye shimmers:

These are great for adding more dimension to a look. Mix with the sealer from the range for a more intense look or wear on its own. These are perfect for Xmas.

So these have been my 2016 make up favourites and no doubt they will continue to be my go to products for 2017.

Thanks for reading and have a super New Year.

Jessie X

Cleanser debate:

In the past I have stated that I didn’t think it was necessary to spend a large sum of money on cleansers. My theory always was it is only on your skin for a minute or two so keep your cash for serums etc.

Having done some more courses and listening to some fantastic speakers on the topic of skincare I have to say my view point has changed.

Some of the cheaper cleansers are packed with Nasty fillers and not beneficial to the skin. Active cleansers will get your skin ready for everything else.

In saying that, I am still a big fan of micellar waters and Garnier is one of my favourites. Recently due to lack of exercise, some stress and scoffing a shit load of chocolate, I’ve noticed reoccurring spots in the same areas that are getting annoying.

I wanted to start a course of peels again and as I am stocking Deramceutic peels I prepped my skin with the Glycolic Cleanser called Foamer 5. I used this for 2 weeks before my first peel a few weeks ago and I really could not believe the difference.

I am always talking about actives and how important they are but sometimes in my cleansers I find it too drying on my skin. I used the foamer 5 for two weeks in the AM and PM. I had no stripping or dehydration, the opposite in fact. The glycolic was constantly giving a proper clean and this meant my serums were working much better and my spots started to clear.

It just proves that sometimes cheaper is not always better. Like I said, I still have my micellar water in my press and I use it from time to time but I have now started the habit of using an active cleanser. 

Keep this in mind to keep your skin in top top shape for the party season.

Is there a favourite cleanser that you have? 

Jessie X 

One month after skin needling

If you follow me on snapchat (jessiekessie) you will have seen a few weeks ago I ran through my skin needling session. It has been three weeks after and I will be due my next in another week or two.Here are the pictures of before, during and after.

stages of skin needling

For a few hours after the session my skin felt tight, in a good way, like the treatment was really working. For the first hour it felt very hot, like a mild sunburn. The redness subsided after three hours and I even went out for a bite of food that evening with no make up on. 

This will vary from person to person.

For the week after my skin was dry. I used ASAP vitamin B serum with hyaluoronic acid for extra hydration and this fixed the problem. The tight, dry feeling didn’t last for long and I am now waiting another 1-2 weeksto do my next round.

essential serums for post care

I recommend people doing this treatment first thing in the morning if they know they don’t have to do much for the day or last thing in the evening. We call it the Friday night treatment.  
Mineral make up can be worn a few hours after.

This is the only treatment out there that can stimulate collagen without having to use lasers or going down the road of injectables such as Botox.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and there is more info on my business facebook page JOS Skin&Beauty

Jessie X

Recent favourites 

It is always hit and miss when you buy a new product but sometimes one comes along and can really impress you. The past month I have found some gems and the best part is none of them will break the bank.
Primark PS range Matte lipstick:

I have talked about Primark lipsticks in the past. I have been using this matte version as my every day lipstick and I am enjoying it more and more. It has good staying power for it’s price (2.50 from memory) and it smells delicious too. I have the shade Naked and it is very 90s. I can’t wait to pick up some more colours. 


Matte lipstick

Primark PS range brushes

I love a bargain but when it comes to brushes I will always get mine from Crown brush. The price point is good and the quality is even better. To convince me otherwise is difficult. 

I have only used two from the PS range and they are extremely good. Both are for the face so I can’t comment on the eye sets. If anyone has tried them let me know what you think. Very impressed and worth a go if you want to save your money. 

foundation /contour brush

I have been using the double ended brush for foundation and the smaller end for concealer. 

The second brush makes contouring a breeze. I have been using this with both liquid and powder. If you struggle with contour, for 4 euro, you have to try this. 


Jessie X 

Make up: save vs spend

One question I am always asked is if you have to spend a lot of money on make up.
The simple answer is No, but…. there are a few products that I think are worth investing in. With so many brands out there it can get confusing but cheaper products can sometimes be just as good.

What I think you can save on:


Some of the high street blushers are so beautiful. I have some favorites and always go back to my Bourjois and Catrice blushes.


Bourjois blusher
Catrice blusher

Pencil liners for both lip and eyes

Pencils will vary greatly and you will find some are hard to blend and others glide on easily. I still think if you do your research you can purchase most liners from the high street. Personal favourites are Maybelline, Rimmell and Essence. Cheap and cheerful and do what you want. 


Rimmel exaggerate lip liners


This is a hard one. I am a MAC lover when it comes to their lipstick, but I still always go back to Bourjois, Rimmell and Maybelline . I am so in love with the Maybelline Velvet Edition that I rarely use anything else and if you follow my blog you will see me always comment about this. Primark have also blown my mind lately. It is so worth trying high street brands. Some prep and setting will make all the difference. After applying your lipstick ser it with a powder for longevity.


Bourjois Velvet Edition

Eye shadows

Again you cannot beat MAC for beautiful colour selection and long wearing shadows. There are heaps of cheaper options out there. My personal favourite palette is from Crown. I have various palettes from here and adore them. Prep eyes with a primer and your eyeshadow will pop. I also like Essence eyeshadow


Crown palettes

I know girls that spend a fortune on Mascaras! I’m a high street girl all the way and any make up class I have ever been to, the trainers will say the same thing. With so many amazing brands you do not need to go crazy on this one. Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oreal do the best I have come across. 

Maybelline Mascaras

Where not to skimp:

Gel liner

Gels can be tricky and you do need a good consistency. A personal favourite is fluid line from MAC. It lasts forever and glides on like a dream. Inglot gel liner is another cult favourite.


Inglot Gel liner


You can get good dupes but I always like to invest in my highlighters. MAC Soft and gentle is my go to and High Beam from Benefit. There are so many new ones on the market presently but I keep going back to these two. Next on my list is Anastasia Beverly Hills 


Soft and Gentle

High Beam

Brow Pomades

I have tried a few and some can be very drying and flake. My absolute favourite in Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. The consistency is everything and it last forever. 


Dipbrow Pomade


I have serious dark circles and have tried a LOT of concealers, cheap and expensive. Sometimes you have to invest in something that you are using everyday. Concealer is tricky as you need to get a consistency that is good for your skin type. I do wear high street alternatives some days but if I have big bags to cover up it has to be MAC Pro long wear or Artdecco



I sit on the fence here! Some of the more expensive foundations are better for many reasons better coverage, long-lasting formula, better ingredients. My favourite would be Mac Studio fix . However, this year I found a few gems, mainly Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I love how this looks on my skin and is my current favourite for everyday.

Maybelline Fit Me

Finishing powder

For make up to last you need some setting powder to seal in your look. I find investing in this is a good call as the particles can be more finely milled and sit better on the skin. Surprise surprise but my favourites are from Mac. You can get translucent or pressed. 


prep and prime translucent powder

I think it is worth investing. However there are some great brands now that won’t break the bank. Bar a handful all my brushes are from Crown Brush and I adore them. They are very reasonably priced and will forever be my go too for brushes. 


Crown brush set
What do you think? 
Is there a product out there that you have to invest in or have you a few cheap alternatives.

Jessie X

Storage goals 

I have waited so long to find a set of drawers for my make up that was reasonable and big enough to store my go to products. 

After moving back to Ireland I promised myself I was getting a nice home for my make up that would be clear and easy to find and treating myself to this one item.

While in Homestore and more getting an ironing board ( a sentence I never thought I would be writing!) there was my beautiful unit gleaming at me. 

storage perfection
storage perfection

It is perfect and stores all the make up I use on a daily basis. It has three deep drawers for foundations, palettes or blushes. Trust me when I say, it stocks heaps! 



The top has sections to hold 12 lipsticks and an area I use for brushes and lip pencils. This is a great place to put items you use every day.



I love love love it and for 69 euro it is a LOT cheaper then some of the make up boxes you can order online. It was still a splurge but my make up storage solution are sorted👍

Jessie X