Fav looks from Met gala

The met gala happened last night and it is always a time we get to see some quirky styles and great make up looks. This year was no different even though I thought lots of people played it safe.

Here are some of my favourite looks. All images are from Vouge.




The next few are again some of my favourite dresses but also make up looks. Bright make up made a come back. I loved Selena Gomez pink eyes.



You can’t beat a classic nude look either or smokey eye like Naomi Campbell’s.



Who were your winners on the night ?

Jessie X


New salon update

JOS Skin&Beauty has finally made the move to a new premises and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love the new space and hope you all will too.

It took a few weeks to get it to where it is and it could not have been done without a few helping hands.

The dream team

The whole process took 4-5 weeks and once I got the go ahead we were there every evening and weekend until opening.

A few of you were wondering what it looked like prior to the change so I have included some transformation pictures. The premises was in top condition but there was one small problem, it was one open space and I couldn’t imagine a room working. With a partition built on each end, my treatment room came to life and a space was created for a make up station and nail bar. 

Here are some pictures to show you before and after. A huge thank you to James and Jimmy for helping me get it to this so quickly and to mommy lyons for helping me with the finishing touches.

All treatments are the same with the addition of cocoa brown spray tans, yumi lashes and some new asap facials.

Happy Easter and thank you for all the well wishes and support 😘

Jessie X


So guys I have decided to do a little switch with my social media. I won’t be using the jessiekessie FB page at the moment and instead the same content will be published to my business page, JOS skin and beauty. I’ve been repeating the same stuff across the two pages and conscious that it’s getting repetitive. It makes sense to have one page that hopefully will be informative and fresh for you guys.

Instagram and snapchat will be the same and my blog posts from Jessiekessie will just go to the JOS fb page. So if you have been following Jessiekessie on FB for the past year and a half, I want to say a big thank you and you can continue to get the same info at the following page https://m.facebook.com/josskinandbeauty/?ref=bookmarks

😘 so be sure to follow.

With that, there are some changes happening at JOS that are exciting and also a little scary! One piece of info I can share with you is that I have a new website being developed where you will be able to purchase asap skin products and Dermaceutic products. As always you can still phone me for orders or call into me but an online shop will be great for people that might want to browse from the comfort of the couch. The other news you will see for yourself very soon. 

My blogs have been a little slack lately due to this but I promise once we hit April I will be back to regular posts and better content. 

Have a great evening 
Jessie X 

The Importance of a skin consultation 

I love nothing more then helping people create a realistic skin plan that targets concerns and is also easy to maintain.
One thing I have noticed recently is the rise of people using products that they have seen bloggers and social influencers using. When I ask the question: what are you using and why? The reply is often a brand that their favourite blogger is using.
I have one tiny problem with this. Everyone’s skin is different. Just because a person is using one product does not mean it will work for you. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it myself with make up. There is ZERO judgement here as it is so so easy to jump on the bandwagon. However, one wrong ingredient could be causing a problem for your skin. You might have sensitive skin and they may have oily! Big difference so be mindful.
For this reason it’s always great to get a consultation. Chat about what is bothering you, be it fine lines, pigmentation, dryness or breakouts. A plan can be made and it needs to be realistic for you. I would never have time to use 5 products in the morning so I would never expect people to do that either. 

If your skin needs a little TLC have a chat with an expert in this area that you trust. If it so happens you are recommended a product that a blogger you like has, excellent. If not, no biggie, but at least you are using the right stuff for you.

Jessie X 

Photography wedding tip

I decided to detox my phone and computer a few days ago and in doing so came across some forgotten pictures.It’s no secret that I love photographs and love to take them too. I had a right giggle backing up photos over the past two years.

What I did find hidden away was a disk with photos my brother in law took on our wedding day. I had looked at these quickly last year but forgot about them once the disk was placed away. This brings me to the point of this blog and a tip for future brides or people that have an event coming up: the importance of photos.

If you like photos to capture an occasion and know you won’t be able to take them yourself, find a person to do it. This person has to be someone that enjoys it. There’s no point giving your camera/ phone to a friend that never takes pics. You either do or don’t, so entrust someone that does, and it won’t be a chore to them.

On a wedding day you will have a photographer. I loved my photographer. I don’t think we could have wished for a better person to capture our day. He was perfect. Here are his details also

However, there is a long night there and this is when you get some funny shots. I’m talking about dancing to the macarana, the relaxed family photos, photo bombing others and the real pictures of the sweaty faces when everyone is giving it socks on the dance floor.

In my case I had Denis. Everyone needs a Denis that captures these moments from early till late. There is nothing nicer then receiving pictures from the day from a guest. Since my own wedding, I have always made a point to send any photos from the day to the bride. I also had lots of friends forward them on to me and it’s lovely to have them. These pictures also  are a great memory to have from the day until you get your professional ones back.

Here are a few examples. (These are pictures I took on my phone from the computer screen so they look like they are from the 80s! )

I am so parched I don’t care I am drinking from a pint in my wedding dress photo!😂


there is always time for a sneaky wink photo


we all love a selfie photo


why am I doing rock the boat in my wedding dress photo


say cheeeese photo


the caught rotten photo😂

Photographs always spark off a memory from the day and that’s why I love them so much. So to any future brides out there, go find a superstar photographer for the day and then your photo friend for late into the night time .

Jessie X

Pssst….Do you want to know my news???

Hey everyone,
You have probably seen over the past few weeks I have been doing a few conversion courses since I moved back home and have been saying I will be offering some treatments. Well, the time has come and I’m really excited (and frightened) to announce that JOS Skin&Beauty will be ready in 2 weeks! 


JOS Skin&Beauty
I will be offering advanced skin treatments such as micro needling and peels along with facials, make up application, waxing, threading, 2 week manicures and massage. 
I know I am always banging on about skin,because I love it, but I also miss doing other treatments so will be offering all services. 
I am going to be stocking my favourite brand that I am certain you will all love.
So as of October 15th JOS will be ready for action. I am taking bookings for all beauty treatments and skin needling. Peels will be a week or two later as I am waiting for the stock to arrive but it will be so worth it.
Please contact me if you have any questions or want to make a booking. I will have a specific JOS Facebook page in the coming days and will be offering launch promotions so keep an eye out.


Thanks to everyone who gave me the nudge I needed 😘

Jessie X

Waxing vs Threading ! 

Hello hello
Waxing or threading! That is the question!
Last weekend I had a pretty bad reaction to some waxing strips! It was a little yuckie and lasted around 4 days. Does this happen to anyone else?
This happens to me a lot with facial waxing so I now need to go back to threading or hair removal creams. I only do this every few months but my brows need to be done every 6 weeks. 
 Any waxing lately has left my skin a little battered! It just isn’t working for me. Last weekend I did a quick tidy up with a waxing strip I got at the chemist. It did not end well! 
I am not showing this picture to scare people but to advise on what to do before waxing

– stop all active ingredient for a few days before

– this means all acids and retinol (vitamin A)

– if you do this at home make sure you apply a post waxing lotion to soothe

– be gentle! 

A great alternative to waxing is threading. You can thread the whole face and the results are amazing. It’s great for brows, sides of face, chin and lip. I find it lasts much longer this way too.
I had been doing HD brows for two years in Sydney. I have been doing them myself since I moved home because I’m afraid to let anyone else at them. (Check out Ultimate brows by Ciara Gallagher if you are in Sydney! She’s the 💣)

With HD there is a lot of threading and some waxing. I’m not a fan of waxing as on the rare occasion skin would lift. This was always my own fault as I would have been using active products and forget to stop before my brow waxing. This very rarely happened on my brows and was never bad and would be fine within a few hours. 

If you are sensitive to waxing try HD brows as it is a combination.  Alternatively do threading on its own. The skin can be red after but it is a much kinder approach to the skin. 

On that note it will be threading for me at the moment and I will be avoiding my wax pot or at home waxing strips! 

Have you a personal favourite ?
Jessie X


Happy Wednesday peeps

I woke up this morning with a message from my friend Karen letting me know that jessiekessie has been nominated for two categories in the TanOrganic Irish beauty blog awards!!!
I couldn’t believe it and I am so so happy.


This blog started as a hobby and that’s all it may ever be, but I really enjoy writing my posts and will continue to do so, unless I really start to bore you all! I am hoping in the next few months I will be able to dedicate more time to it and bigger and better things are in the pipeline.

Here is a link to the categories and the other amazing nominees and all proceeds from the night go to Breast Cancer Ireland http://www.beautyblogawards.com

It got me thinking how many amazing people I have around me. I wouldn’t be nominated except that friends and family took a few minutes out to enter my blog. I am really really grateful.
It’s small gestures that can change someones day.

I am also very lucky to be from such a supportive town. I know a lot of my followers are from home and are always amazing.

On that note I hope your Wednesday has been as good as mine and a MASSIVE thank you again. Fingers and toes crossed I make the short list!

Jessie X