Beauty hacks

There are some tricks we all pick up along the way when it comes to make up application and skin care. Today I am sharing some of my favourites.

1- I find beauty blenders amazing for putting on make up. I usually apply foundation with a brush and then dab over with a damp blender to press in the foundation. This gives the best finish and the product is pushed into the skin, lasting longer.


2 – If you want your lipstick to last longer, pop a piece of tissue over the lips. Next, dip a powder brush into some translucent loose powder and apply over the tissue. Apply a second coat of lipstick and repeat. Works every time

3 – If you get mascara on your face let it dry for a few minutes. Get a cotton tip and wipe it off. This is so much easier than trying to remove wet mascara.


4 – Smudged nail varnish? No problem! If you bang a fresh nail and it’s not too big a mess, simply wet the tip of a finger with your tongue and gentle wipe over the smudge. Sounds gross I know but it works.


5 – If your foundation is too thick and you want to a sheer finish simply mix some moisturiser with it.

6 – Don’t rub your eye cream directly under your eyes. This is a sensitive area and too much product can irritate. Press on the orbital bone instead and the product will absorb upwards.

7 – Fake tan not budging? Some tans can be stubborn and it’s horrible going around with patchy tan. If regular moisturisers don’t help move onto oil. This will help strip the tan off.

8 – Unruly brows a problem? You know the ones that are long and wild! Get a spooly brush and brush the brows down. Whatever hairs are long give them a quick snip with a nail scissors. If you are nervous about this, leave it to your brow specialist!

So there you have it. I would love to hear if you have any beauty hacks.

Jessie X


Cocoa brown EXTRA dark

So let’s talk about cocoa brown EXTRA dark tan.
It’s no secret that this brand has been a long time favourite of mine and when it came to picking a brand for the salon I didn’t think twice.

I always wear the dark one hour mousse tan and when the extra dark came on to the market I was excited to try…. And it hasn’t disappointed.


I was afraid it was going to be too much but it really isn’t. I normally put on two layers of the dark. With the extra dark there is no need.

I am used to having a natural tan after living in Sydney. I will have moved home a year ago in a few weeks and to say I am white is an understatement. I tan easily so felt like the Extra dark gave me a nice deep shade, without being too much.

Who would I recommend to try?
Anyone that has used the mousse and wants a deeper look. If you are very fair stick to the normal mousse or the dark but if you are sallow or olive, head straight to the dark.

Be careful along the boney areas, especially the hands and fingers. I found it stuck here a bit more then the others for the first day. I always get clients to apply chocolate whip on the palms of the hand and between the fingers to act as a barrier. This is a handy product to have also to use post treatment. It helps prolong the tan and also helps it to wears it off more evenly. Act quick with the hands to avoid any excess and there should be no issues.

My verdict: 5/5
This will be my shade for the next few months.

I am on day three now and it is lasting really well. (Please note My pictures have not shown the true colour of the tan very well so I didn’t include them. My phone has been acting up a bit recently but you can take my word for it👍)


Have any of you tried yet?

Jessie X

Fresh summer essentials

Dare we say it but I think summer is here! Hurrah. I’ve decided to put together a few simple products that I think are essential for the summer months.

Moisturiser with sunscreen:


Absolutely essential! We should be wearing a sunscreen everyday even in winter for it is vital this time of year. Please don’t forget to apply on the chest area too as this is a prime location for sunburn and then before you know it, lovely pigmentation appears! My personal favourite is asap moisture daily defence. I have used this for a few years and it’s my go too. Sun screen is a tricky one and what suits one won’t suit the other, so please let me know if you have a favourite as I would love to try a few more

A soft blusher:


I think a soft blusher on sun kissed skin looks amazing and a soft coral or peach is a beautiful shade for summer. Some personal favourite brands at the minute are Note cosmetics and Catrice. The price point is super and the colour payoff is excellent

A good bronzer:


Keeping make up light with bronzer is a winner for summer. An all time favourite is Hoola bronzer from Benefit and they have just released a Hoola lite! I have yet to try this but would be perfect for paler skin types.



We all love a bit of lippie but sometime a fresh lip with a slick of gloss is all you need. There is something very refreshing about this look. There are so many affordable brands that have great glosses. I always have a Primark one on the go and the Note Bb natural colour lip corrector has also become a favourite

So there you have it. Some simple ways to have a fresh face for the summer weather, however long it may last.

Jessie X

Note Cosmetic review 

I was at a Note masterclass with Just Jordan a few weeks ago and took advantage and purchased some pieces to try. Lisa went through some of her favourites and did a demo on the day.

First up, it is a great price point. You can’t go wrong and it is so worth a try.
Here is what I bought on the day and here’s my verdict on each piece.


Ultra rich colour lip pencil – sandy 01:
This is a gorgeous nude and teams really well with any nude lipstick. I have worn it everyday since buying and it is a favourite of mine. I will be trying more and would happily have these in my make up kit for customers.

Matte moist lipgloss- 401

This feels great on the lips and sets pretty quickly. It’s not dehydrating like a lot of matte lipsticks out there. I adore the colour. It’s a nude with a hint of mauve and goes with everything. I’m looking forward to trying some brighter colours from the range for the summer months 

BB Natural colour lip Corrector- No 2

I have been using this as a gloss and a general lip hydrator. It’s a good one for the handbag and feels gorgeous on the lips. It has a great applicator also 

Luminous silk compact blusher- pink beach 01

This is a beautiful pinky / coral blusher. It sets very well on the skin and gives just enough colour to the cheeks. Of all the products,I will be very excited to pick up more of these. 

Luminous moisturising foundation Spf 15- apricot 07

I’m having a bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation. One day it’s the best and the next I’m not feeling it. First off, I think I need a different shade. Secondly, it’s not as hydrating as I thought it would be. I have dry skin and need a very hydrating moisturiser. I find on certain days this sits in my lines and highlights my wrinkles. I’m also getting older so it could just be me! The coverage is great. It’s thick and buildable so you can get a very good coverage. The verdict is out on this one but I will try it again at some point. Others I know that have used it love it.

all products on my face

These products are available in CH chemist tralee and Sam McCauleys and are must try if you are looking for affordable products with good colour payoff. A thumbs up from me for sure. I paid under €30 for the above products (excluding the lip corrector as that was in a goodie bag). 
Have a great Sunday night 

Jessie X

asap skin care body products

The past few weeks I have been sharing the products from asap, the brand I am stocking in my salon JOS.
I have covered most of the facial products and today it is time to highlight the body products.

There is an exfoliation, moisturiser and spot treatment gel that will suit everyone.
The moisturiser and scrub have glycolic in them so are ideal for getting your skin ready for before a tan. Perfect for the party season.


asap revitalising body scrub:
Exfoliation is an essential body care routine. This can be massaged onto wet skin and rinsed off. It has biodegradable beads to polish the skin.

Some ingredients:
14% glycolic acid to exfoliate and stimulate collagen
Vitamin E to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Green tea, a powerful antioxidant
Essential oils to stimulate the skin

Suitable for everyone. Retailing for €32

asap revitalising body moist:
An everyday moisturiser with a citrus scent to hydrate and revitalise the skin.

Some ingredients:
12% glycolic acid
Green tea, antioxidant
Vitamin E
Essential oil blend

Suitable for all skin types. Retailing for €32

asap clear skin body gel:
This is a powerful gel that can be used on the body to help areas that are prone to breakouts, acne, or ingrown hairs. It is an oil free formula with low skin irritation.
It can also be used on areas prone to hard skin such as elbows, knees and feet.

Some ingredients:
16% AHA comples
2% Salicylic acid
White tea

Retailing for €40

So there you have it! The perfect trio to get your body in tip top condition.

Jessie X

March Favourites

Today I’m going to run through some products I have been enjoying for the past month.

1. Dermaquest- Mini pumpkin mask
This is a handy little mask to have on hand. This is super for anti ageing, smoothing out skin and reducing inflammation and breakouts. My skin rarely flares up but for the past two weeks I’ve been getting nasty little breakouts. This mask has really helped.


2. MAC cosmetics- X 15 warm neutral palette
Ohhhh how I love this palette. To start, I didn’t know what to make of it. I have been mixing combos and playing with it the past three months. It’s the perfect neutral palette. There is a great mixture of taupes, browns, golds and light pinks and cream shades. I would prefer if it had a few more Matt colours but I still love it. I toyed with this for months and treated myself to it at the airport at Xmas.


3. Dove-summer glow
This is my go to moisturiser. I use this all year round and even apply over false tan to help it last longer. It built super a gradual tan and is a must have for girls that don’t like applying tans.


4. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Dipbrow Pomade in dark brown
I rarely use anything else on my brows. Apply this with a brow brush in small streaks and it gives the most natural look. It fills brows in perfectly. I have literally used this everyday in March.


What were your March favourites?

Jessie X

Top foundations for 2015:
The perfect base is hard to find but this year I have found my holy grail in foundation and it’s from the high street! 
I mix and match foundations depending on my skin and when applying for clients I generally use MAC studio fix or MAC Face and Body. These are my go to foundations but I’m seriously thinking off adding a few shades from the two foundations below.

So what’s my absolute No 1 foundation for the year ….
Maybelline- Fit Me foundation – dewy and smooth 

No surprise really cause I’m always raving about it. I ADORE this and have reviewed it in the past. You can read that here

Why is it so damn good? 

There are 9 colours to choose from and glides on to give a smooth and natural finish. You only need a small amount of product for it to last all day. The blendable pigments leave the skin luminous and glowing. Everyone wants to glow! 

Retails at around $18.95

There is also one for oily skin- Matt and Poreless. I haven’t tried this on myself or anyone else but I imagine it will be just as good.
I literally have nothing bad to say about this foundation. 

love love love

moi rocking Fit Me

No 2 is Benefit – Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Another favourite. This is a more expensive and can only be purchased in department stores.  You will see in my past review that it took me a while to like this

 Just shows you really have to trial a product more then once. This really does brighten and hydrate a dull skin. My skin is flawless when I have this on. I use this in winter when I am pale in the shade Honey but there are 9 colours to choose from. This aims to illuminate a dull skin and is oil free. Definatley  worth a try if you are in need of a different foundation and you like Benefit products. This retails at around $58 

it really is WOW
it really is WOW
I have tried other Maybelline and Rimmel foundation during the year but these are the winners for me.

Be sure to match as close to your natural skin colour or have a darker shade for when you are wearing tan. Test the colour on your face/ jawline and not your wrist (I am very guilty of the wrist test!) 

What’s your favourite foundation for the year?


Christmas make up gift ideas

Christmas make up gift ideasIt’s only around the corner so it’s time to start getting our Christmas gifts sorted! Scary, I know! 

Sometimes I think we tend to leave skincare and make up as the last things to buy for ourselves because other things take priority. So it’s nice to give or receive a luxurious gift that makes you feel good from time to time. Below are a few ideas for any make up lovers out there. 
First up is Benefit.

There sets are frickin amazing every Christmas and this year is no different. I got two sets from Benefit last year and I absolutely adored them and use them all the time ( thanks Claude and Denise). They look small put they literally last forever. It’s like the never ending gift.

 (Pictures from

life of the party gift set
 This gift set contains a mixture of everything
Benefit World Famous Neutrals – Most Glamorous Nudes Ever eyeshadow kit
Benefit eyeshadows have great lasting power and the mixture between these 4 shadows and 2 creaseless pots make a great combo.
Another favourite with people seems to be Too Faced. The packaging is always so tempting and cute!

one of the most popular makeup palettes out there
Le Grand Chateaux gift set
This Chateaux has three separate palettes inside plus a mascara, 2 blushes and bronzer. The palettes can be separated as different gifts  and each palette suits a different mood.

All the above set can be purchased from

My final gift ideas for the make up lover would be from Crown brushes.

I use their brushes all the time and picked up more today at the IMATS expo. I also have a selection of the palettes and I cannot fault them. I have used them for a long time and I always repurchase.  

Check out

 (Pictures from

over exposed palette


35 colour Nude palette
Have any of you a favourite brand you like to give as a gift? Let me know. Hope you enjoyed the ideas above.

Happy shopping