Make up inspo

Hey guys,

Another bank holiday this weekend. Hurrah.

I’ve put together some make up inspo looks for the weekend that is in it.

These are also looks that you may decide to try if you have an upcoming event or wedding.

The first few looks are soft and fresh for people that do not like a heavy makeup. The others are for glitter lovers.

All images are from Pinterest.


Jessie X







Mac foundation review

I recently put a few options on snap chat of some blog posts that you guys may be interested in me doing and product reviews was top of the list.

I have been going through a few foundations lately and I’ve not been too crazy about any of them so I am going to go back to some classics and what I use in my kit when I do make up for clients.

My two staples are from MAC (surprise surprise)

I use studio fix and face and body.

MAC studio fix:

This is my go to foundation for everyone. It’s my favourite and I nearly get nervous now using something different. It never fails. It’s my make up of choice always for bridal or occasion make up

Long lasting
Great for all skin types
Medium to heavy coverage
Great for events and nights out
Huge colour selection

It can sometimes be heavy for very dry skin types. I am dry and it works fine but if I feel it is going to be too thick and heavy I add a touch of liquid highlighter or a light weight moisturiser.

Don’t go too strong around the eyes either as it can settle in fine lines and wrinkles

MAC face and body:

This was the one product I was told to always have in my kit. I stocked up with a few shades delighted with myself. Every make up artist I had in training said this was THE foundation you had to have. But guess what?
I don’t get it guys. I rarely use it. It’s sheer and beautiful and light and should glide on to make skin look flawless but I can’t get it to work all the time. I have read other people say the same and have picked up some tips along the way.

Very fluid and a little goes a long way
Lots of colour selection
Great for older skin types
Great for people who don’t wear lots of make up

You need to layer it for more coverage
It’s not good for oily skins or else you need a good powder

I wore it once to the races and half way through the day it was all gone. I have worn it plenty of times since and no issues but I still prefer studio fix. The best tip I read from another blogger was to mix this in the palm of the hands. It applies so much better when warmed up and nearly gets tacky. So now if I use it on clients I get handsy and apply with hands and fingers and use a brush or sponge towards the end.

Mac have a huge selection of foundations but the studio fix will be my all time favourite.

Let me know if you have a favourite

Jessie X

New salon update

JOS Skin&Beauty has finally made the move to a new premises and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love the new space and hope you all will too.

It took a few weeks to get it to where it is and it could not have been done without a few helping hands.

The dream team

The whole process took 4-5 weeks and once I got the go ahead we were there every evening and weekend until opening.

A few of you were wondering what it looked like prior to the change so I have included some transformation pictures. The premises was in top condition but there was one small problem, it was one open space and I couldn’t imagine a room working. With a partition built on each end, my treatment room came to life and a space was created for a make up station and nail bar. 

Here are some pictures to show you before and after. A huge thank you to James and Jimmy for helping me get it to this so quickly and to mommy lyons for helping me with the finishing touches.

All treatments are the same with the addition of cocoa brown spray tans, yumi lashes and some new asap facials.

Happy Easter and thank you for all the well wishes and support 😘

Jessie X

Fakin a glow 

Today I’m showing you some products I use to get me out of a fix when I need to look human but I don’t have time.The past three weeks have been full on getting the new salon ready and my skin and appearance have been a bit blah! 
Here are a few things I use when I need to fake a bright eye look.
1. A good tan:

I love all of the cocoa brown range and will use the instant tan bronzing gel if I haven’t time to let a tan develop. We all feel better with a glow and this has saved me recently. 

2. A good scrub/ exfoliator:

If the skin is lacking lustre it may need an exfoliation. Massaging it in too will get the blood flowing and bring some colour to the cheeks. My favourite will never change and it’s asap daily exfoliating facial scrub.

3. A good strobe cream:

When I’m looking very tired I like to put a strobe cream under my foundation or mix it with my moisturiser. I love Mac strobe cream and use a dab in the inner corners of the eye and as a highlight over foundation too.

4. A light weight foundation:

It’s difficult to not go full coverage when feeling tired but this can often make you look worse. You want something light that will reflect and make the skin look fresh. I often opt for a tinted moisturiser or Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation 

5. A good bronzer:

A touch of bronzer on the face will add some freshness. My favourite is hoola from benefit again. Use this as an eyeshadow also in the socket of the eye.

6. A curling mascara:

A bit of mascara will open the eyes and always makes you feel better. I love anything by Maybelline, Rimmell and L’Oreal.

8. A good lipgloss:

A gloss will reflect and not be as drying on the lips as a lipstick. This will give a brighter look. I never have a favourite buy I have been partial to using the Note cosmetic BB lip corrector as a gloss the past few weeks. It’s awesome.

9. A good concealer:

I nearly forgot this! Only use concealer to help soften dark circles or cover any blemishes. If you don’t need one, skip this step.

10. A powder / or setting spray:

If you are feeling tired and are trying to create a luminous skin I would stick with a finishing spray. My personal favourite is all nighter by Urban Decay. If you are oily and need more coverage put a powder on first .

This should be a quick 5 minute application to make you feel human again!

Jessie X 

Note Cosmetic review 

I was at a Note masterclass with Just Jordan a few weeks ago and took advantage and purchased some pieces to try. Lisa went through some of her favourites and did a demo on the day.

First up, it is a great price point. You can’t go wrong and it is so worth a try.
Here is what I bought on the day and here’s my verdict on each piece.


Ultra rich colour lip pencil – sandy 01:
This is a gorgeous nude and teams really well with any nude lipstick. I have worn it everyday since buying and it is a favourite of mine. I will be trying more and would happily have these in my make up kit for customers.

Matte moist lipgloss- 401

This feels great on the lips and sets pretty quickly. It’s not dehydrating like a lot of matte lipsticks out there. I adore the colour. It’s a nude with a hint of mauve and goes with everything. I’m looking forward to trying some brighter colours from the range for the summer months 

BB Natural colour lip Corrector- No 2

I have been using this as a gloss and a general lip hydrator. It’s a good one for the handbag and feels gorgeous on the lips. It has a great applicator also 

Luminous silk compact blusher- pink beach 01

This is a beautiful pinky / coral blusher. It sets very well on the skin and gives just enough colour to the cheeks. Of all the products,I will be very excited to pick up more of these. 

Luminous moisturising foundation Spf 15- apricot 07

I’m having a bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation. One day it’s the best and the next I’m not feeling it. First off, I think I need a different shade. Secondly, it’s not as hydrating as I thought it would be. I have dry skin and need a very hydrating moisturiser. I find on certain days this sits in my lines and highlights my wrinkles. I’m also getting older so it could just be me! The coverage is great. It’s thick and buildable so you can get a very good coverage. The verdict is out on this one but I will try it again at some point. Others I know that have used it love it.

all products on my face

These products are available in CH chemist tralee and Sam McCauleys and are must try if you are looking for affordable products with good colour payoff. A thumbs up from me for sure. I paid under €30 for the above products (excluding the lip corrector as that was in a goodie bag). 
Have a great Sunday night 

Jessie X

March wish list 

I am late with my months wish list but truthfully there is only one product I am dying to get my paws on this month.

It is the Magnificent metals glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow from Stila cosmetics.

With ten shades available I can’t choose which to try. I’ve heard great things and what girl doesn’t love a touch of glitter. You could pat this on the centre lid or go crazy and apply all over. I know that’s what I will do when I get one. 

Here is the link of you want to see the shades and below are some pics of this little gem.
(All images are from the Stila website) 


  Shade is Kitten Karma 


Jessie X 

Yumi lashes 

Happy Sunday Everyone. 

So in February I introduced Yumi lash treatment to JOS.

I had a lot of people asking for lashes or alternatives and I figured Yumi was the best for for my salon. 

This is a lash lift and tint treatment that Lifts, lengthens and tints your natural lashes. It is a perfect solution for people that don’t like the feel of lash extensions or whose eyes get irritated easily. 

So what’s involved?

While you relax with your eyes closed a little silicon mould is put on you eye lid. A glue is used then to set your lashes as they are pushed back on to the mould. Next, a solution is added to help lift the lashes. Tint is applied at the end for a dark colour and a nourishing oil applied at the end. The process takes around 45 minutes and can be very relaxing. 

Post care:

After the treatment you must ensure not to wet the lashes for 24 hours or wear mascara.

You can now expect longer lashes with a beautiful curl. Results will vary depending on the length and condition of your own lashes. I have been really delighted with the results so far on both short and long lashes. 


Before and after picture
Please note that it is always best to do a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment.

If you have any questions drop me a line and I will answer any queries you may have. 

Jessie X


So guys I have decided to do a little switch with my social media. I won’t be using the jessiekessie FB page at the moment and instead the same content will be published to my business page, JOS skin and beauty. I’ve been repeating the same stuff across the two pages and conscious that it’s getting repetitive. It makes sense to have one page that hopefully will be informative and fresh for you guys.

Instagram and snapchat will be the same and my blog posts from Jessiekessie will just go to the JOS fb page. So if you have been following Jessiekessie on FB for the past year and a half, I want to say a big thank you and you can continue to get the same info at the following page

😘 so be sure to follow.

With that, there are some changes happening at JOS that are exciting and also a little scary! One piece of info I can share with you is that I have a new website being developed where you will be able to purchase asap skin products and Dermaceutic products. As always you can still phone me for orders or call into me but an online shop will be great for people that might want to browse from the comfort of the couch. The other news you will see for yourself very soon. 

My blogs have been a little slack lately due to this but I promise once we hit April I will be back to regular posts and better content. 

Have a great evening 
Jessie X