Fav lip products 2015

This week I am rounding up my favorite lip products for 2015. Again, a lot are from the high street. Hurrah. I have also reviewd most of these earlier in the year.
No 1: Maybelline 24 hour stay

I have had this in various shades and each one was fantastic. The staying power of this product is sensational. It literally will not budge for the day or night. The colour selection is fanstastic and the pigment is bright. I always have a neutral shade in my make up bag and one bright shade for nights out. This does not dry out the lips either . Be warned, once on, it is difficult to get off. 


No 2. L’Oreal Glam matte lipgloss

My favourite part of this is the application, super easy to apply with a precision tip. Again, pigment is strong, nice and hydrating and lasts most of the day. I have tried to repurchase this but have found it difficult to track down. If you see it, grab it and try it. 



You can read my past review of the above two products here https://jessiekessie.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/the-power-of-lipstick/

No 3: Mac- Ruby Woo

Ok so this is a cult red lippie that every make up artist will have. I have tried hard to not buy this as I don’t believe you need to spend a lot on lip products but holy crap, this is good. A beautiful red shade that is amazing on. Line lips first, apply and away you go. A beautiful shade that everyone should try at least once.


No 4: Dermaquest Lip Enhancer

So this product is not a lipstick but an enhancer to keep your lips looking full and hydrated. It has a slight peppermint smell and taste that is delicious. If you have sore lips and they need a pick me up, this will be your best friend. It is on the pricey side retailing at around $75! If you are willing to spent this much I guarantee you wont regret it 



Have you any favourite you recommend?

Jessie X


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