Anti ageing hero

The one thing I am always asked at work is what is the best anti ageing ingredient. I always sing the same tune and tell everyone that it’s very simple: everyone needs to be using Vitamin A / Retinol.
This powerful ingredient helps the cells to turn over at a quicker rate, helps collagen and also helps in the prevention of future wrinkles – a good enough reason in my eyes to start using ASAP!

Unfortunately in our late 20’s collagen production starts to decrease and ageing starts to become more evident. Add to this harsh climates, poor diet, busy lifestyles and alcohol (my skin is screaming as I am guilty of all of the above!), it becomes difficult to prevent fine lines and poor skin texture.
This ingredient also helps to control oily skin, acne, enlarged pores and redness. It benefits all skin types.

Here’s the tricky part: it comes in different strengths.
Always start at a lower level and build it up slowly.
Frequency: Use two or three times a week and over time increase strength and frequency of use. If you over use your retinol you will know. Your skin will become red and flaky for a few days like a sun burn. Don’t worry, this will only last a day or two but your skin will let you know if you are going too hard too fast! You must only use this product at night time. It also makes the skin light sensitive so you must wear an SPF the next morning (I hope there aren’t too many guilty heads out there not using an spf daily!)

Warning: this product cannot be used by pregnant women or people breastfeeding .Make sure you purchase from a clinic you trust and always tell you therapist your medical history.

The product I am currently using is Refine from Cosmedix. This is a medium to high strength. I like this A because it doesn’t dry out my skin as it is an encapsulated A ( fancy!). Some people will like a serum version and others a cream , so get what suit you.

Has anyone tried one that they really like?

Jessie X


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