One of my New Years resolutions was to focus more on make up techniques and get back into doing something I love.

I did a two day course with The Academy for Make up Artists or TAFMUA in January and learned so much. I was really lucky to have Carla  McKeever as my tutor. This girl is just fabulous. She is warm and welcoming and man does she know her stuff. When she introduced herself and told us everything she has done I was shocked, lots of amazing work and a fountain of knowledge.

I recently did a smokey eye masterclass again with the academy and Carla was on hand to teach us some tips for mastering a simple eye to a full on smokey eye for evening time. These two hour classes are great for anyone wanting to perfect a certain area and are great for make up artists or people starting out with no experience. The classes are jam packed but taught in a way that it is easy to pick up all the information. They are running on certain Thursday evenings from 6-8pm and will be covering different topics over the coming months.

The academy is in a funky space near Redfern and the room has a real edgy feel and inspires you straight away.

Everyone is great to deal with and are very quick to reply back and answer any questions you may have. If any of you are looking at short or long classes I highly recommend talking to the academy for make up artists.

Check out the details here  www.tafmua.com.au

Have any of you guys been here? Would love to hear what you think.

Jessie X  


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