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Fresh summer essentials

Dare we say it but I think summer is here! Hurrah. I’ve decided to put together a few simple products that I think are essential for the summer months.

Moisturiser with sunscreen:


Absolutely essential! We should be wearing a sunscreen everyday even in winter for it is vital this time of year. Please don’t forget to apply on the chest area too as this is a prime location for sunburn and then before you know it, lovely pigmentation appears! My personal favourite is asap moisture daily defence. I have used this for a few years and it’s my go too. Sun screen is a tricky one and what suits one won’t suit the other, so please let me know if you have a favourite as I would love to try a few more

A soft blusher:


I think a soft blusher on sun kissed skin looks amazing and a soft coral or peach is a beautiful shade for summer. Some personal favourite brands at the minute are Note cosmetics and Catrice. The price point is super and the colour payoff is excellent

A good bronzer:


Keeping make up light with bronzer is a winner for summer. An all time favourite is Hoola bronzer from Benefit and they have just released a Hoola lite! I have yet to try this but would be perfect for paler skin types.



We all love a bit of lippie but sometime a fresh lip with a slick of gloss is all you need. There is something very refreshing about this look. There are so many affordable brands that have great glosses. I always have a Primark one on the go and the Note Bb natural colour lip corrector has also become a favourite

So there you have it. Some simple ways to have a fresh face for the summer weather, however long it may last.

Jessie X

Current empties

My empties this time round are all to do with the face – Foundations, concealer and a hydrating mist.


Maybelline Fit me dewy and smooth:
This has been empty for a very long time and I really don’t know why I haven’t found time to repurchase. You will have seen in old posts that this is an all time favourite of mine. I would even go as far to say it’s my absolute favourite foundation. I was wearing shade 125 but it’s a little dark for me now so I need to do another colour match. This is for normal to dry skin and so worth a try. There is one also to suit oiler skins. I like to use mineral during the day as much as possible but this is my next favourite and I always used at night-time when I had it.

Maybelline Fit Me concealer:
Another goodie from Maybelline. I have been using the last drops of this the past few days. It’s a handy one to have. I like to use Mac prolong wear for night-time or days I look very tired but otherwise this is lovely. I apply with a beauty blender and it doesn’t cake in my fine lines.

Note luminous moisturising foundation:
I’ve talked about this a lot lately. I’ve been using this foundation since February and I’ve liked it, not liked it and liked it again. The coverage is great and it blends very well. I feel sometimes it’s not hydrating enough. When I use when my skin is more hydrated it’s great. I find it wears off quickly around my nose and I need extra powder but that’s a small thing. For the price point it is so worth a try. Note cosmetics have some great products and I will try it again in the future along with more from the range.

Garnier moisture bomb protect hydrating mist:
From €8.99
I like the idea of having a mist that will hydrate throughout the day. I love the skin nerds spritz o clock on her snapchat and agree it is worth doing. However, I didn’t like this product. It did hydrate but I felt like I was spraying deodorant on my face. I’m going to try a few more but this wasn’t for me and I won’t be repurchasing.

Let me know if you have tried any of these.

Jessie X

Note Cosmetic review 

I was at a Note masterclass with Just Jordan a few weeks ago and took advantage and purchased some pieces to try. Lisa went through some of her favourites and did a demo on the day.

First up, it is a great price point. You can’t go wrong and it is so worth a try.
Here is what I bought on the day and here’s my verdict on each piece.


Ultra rich colour lip pencil – sandy 01:
This is a gorgeous nude and teams really well with any nude lipstick. I have worn it everyday since buying and it is a favourite of mine. I will be trying more and would happily have these in my make up kit for customers.

Matte moist lipgloss- 401

This feels great on the lips and sets pretty quickly. It’s not dehydrating like a lot of matte lipsticks out there. I adore the colour. It’s a nude with a hint of mauve and goes with everything. I’m looking forward to trying some brighter colours from the range for the summer months 

BB Natural colour lip Corrector- No 2

I have been using this as a gloss and a general lip hydrator. It’s a good one for the handbag and feels gorgeous on the lips. It has a great applicator also 

Luminous silk compact blusher- pink beach 01

This is a beautiful pinky / coral blusher. It sets very well on the skin and gives just enough colour to the cheeks. Of all the products,I will be very excited to pick up more of these. 

Luminous moisturising foundation Spf 15- apricot 07

I’m having a bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation. One day it’s the best and the next I’m not feeling it. First off, I think I need a different shade. Secondly, it’s not as hydrating as I thought it would be. I have dry skin and need a very hydrating moisturiser. I find on certain days this sits in my lines and highlights my wrinkles. I’m also getting older so it could just be me! The coverage is great. It’s thick and buildable so you can get a very good coverage. The verdict is out on this one but I will try it again at some point. Others I know that have used it love it.

all products on my face

These products are available in CH chemist tralee and Sam McCauleys and are must try if you are looking for affordable products with good colour payoff. A thumbs up from me for sure. I paid under €30 for the above products (excluding the lip corrector as that was in a goodie bag). 
Have a great Sunday night 

Jessie X

Yumi lashes 

Happy Sunday Everyone. 

So in February I introduced Yumi lash treatment to JOS.

I had a lot of people asking for lashes or alternatives and I figured Yumi was the best for for my salon. 

This is a lash lift and tint treatment that Lifts, lengthens and tints your natural lashes. It is a perfect solution for people that don’t like the feel of lash extensions or whose eyes get irritated easily. 

So what’s involved?

While you relax with your eyes closed a little silicon mould is put on you eye lid. A glue is used then to set your lashes as they are pushed back on to the mould. Next, a solution is added to help lift the lashes. Tint is applied at the end for a dark colour and a nourishing oil applied at the end. The process takes around 45 minutes and can be very relaxing. 

Post care:

After the treatment you must ensure not to wet the lashes for 24 hours or wear mascara.

You can now expect longer lashes with a beautiful curl. Results will vary depending on the length and condition of your own lashes. I have been really delighted with the results so far on both short and long lashes. 


Before and after picture
Please note that it is always best to do a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment.

If you have any questions drop me a line and I will answer any queries you may have. 

Jessie X

Note cosmetics with Just Jordan and CH Chemist

Last Saturday I went to CH chemist to see the wonderful Just Jordan demo some of the note cosmetic products. Lisa was delightful and exactly how I thought she would be. She recreated a soft smokey eye and went through her favourite products from the range. 

Just Jordan ❤️

Price wise it is fantastic but I was a little dubious about the quality. 

I’m a sucker for products and when Lisa recommend her favourites I did purchase a few. You also got a goody bag if you purchased two or more products! Win win! I was in the need of a new foundation and some blusher so gladly picked these up along with a lip liner and a matte lipstick.

my purchases

So far the quality seems great but I will review in the coming weeks once I have tried for a bit longer.

happy out 👍

For anyone that is going to the event this week enjoy it, and let me know what you think of the products. 

Jessie X 

Plouise make up class

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the Plouise class in Bellisimo’s in Limerick.
I have been following Plouise for a long time and have to say I am so intrigued by this make up look. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admit, it’s like a work of art! The attention to detail is something else and it was so brilliant to see Paige do her thing.
I also found myself sitting behind Jeanette Cronin MUA, so was a little giddy that two of my favourite artists were in the same room!

We watched Paige create two signature looks and she made it look so easy . However, I am under no illusion that lots of practice will be needed.

The looks we watched being created on the day

No filters are used. Just a flash. I couldn’t believe it.

The best part of the day was hearing Paige talk about her academy and how she opened it. She is a hard worker and has achieved so much at a young age.  It’s infectious and she keeps the classes fun and interesting. She has no issues sharing her tips and has some new techniques that I could not imagine working … But… They certainly do. She uses a mixture of products, mainly MAC, but is realistic that you do not need to be buying every product out there, making sure the products are multi functional. I applied my foundation today with her technique and everyone commented on my flawless complexion! Delighted 🙌

This was a great class and if you are a make up lover you should check dates for further classes in Ireland coming up in a few months.

Check out the Plouise instagram page for details.


Jessie X




Make up looks from the Golden Globes 

While the fashion was fierce from the Golden globes, one area I always get excited about is the make up looks.
The main look this year was the no make up look and I was so excited to see it. I’m all for the bold eye and lip but this natural look is very refreshing and perfect for any future brides out there. 
Here are my favourite natural looks from the event

love the lip colour
soft and simple
simple liner and lip

The next look was the berry lip and burgundy eyes. This is another favourite of mine and looks so striking. How amazing is it in the pictures below. 

This is something many people will shy away from but it looks amazing on on all skin tones. 
What was your favourite look ?
Jessie X