Bourjois Rouge Velvet

Bourjois rouge velvet limited edition:

I was very slow to get my hands on these bad boys because I couldn’t find them in Sydney! I eventually got my paws on one colour on a trip home to Ireland and I have fallen in love.

I tend to always focus on my eyes when I do my make up and have been making a bigger effort to concentrate on lipsticks the past few months. You will hear me mention time and time again that I am lazy, so anything that is simple and works will be in my make up bag- oh welcome hot pepper!
I can’t even describe how faboosh this is. It’s a lipgloss but has a lipstick finish. It glides on like velvet but it turns Matt. It’s confusing until you try it.

What does it for me is that it lasts all day. You can eat, talk, drink your coffee, and at the end of the day it will still be there. I don’t use a lip liner with it either because I don’t feel it needs one. It is pretty easy to apply. I like to do one light coat and layer another if you need to. The applicator has a nice tip and is small enough to spread easily across the lips without making mistakes. There is also no fear of lips cracking. There’s nothing worse then wearing a bright lip and going to the mirror half way through the night and seeing a crack, chapped mess on your lips. We’ve all been there and it’s not a pretty look!
The packaging is sleek and stylish and makes me happy when I see it in my handbag! It’s like it’s asking you to put it on your lips!

Like I said, I could only get one colour: Hot Pepper
This is a fun shade of red. It’s bright, but not too daunting, if you don’t go for reds normally. The pigment is amazing.
Make sure you test the colour before applying to lips because it is difficult to remove!

I literally have no bad comments about this product!

Let me know if any of you have tried any of the other shades!

FYI, I just found a small selection of these in Priceline in the CBD in Sydney. Yeow!!!
Jessie X


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